Wednesday, 22 December 2021

In the Outer part of the Sackwald forest...

In the village of Eisern some way into the Sackwald forest; the local witches queue up to get their licenses renewed ....


A small group of members of the Royal Society has gone to the outer edges of the Sackwald forest to investigate strange happenings and reports of talking animals. They started their investigations in a farm near the village of Esiern where they stopped to see if the some of a farmer's sheep actually did sing; the shepherd lined up the best four - after a few bleats and baahs, they sang quite beautifully

 Ba ba ba ba Bar-ba-ra Ram Bar-ba-ra Ram 

 Ba ba ba Bar-ba-ra Ram Ba ba ba ba Bar-ba-ra Ram 

 and variations thereof in perfect harmony.


Meanwhile, the infamous outlaw and bandit Red Jack with some of his cronies have moved into the Sackwald forest ...
Tracking them are a detachment of the King's jagers, led by Captain Scharfe; he has stopped at a cottage to enlist the help of his friend Esme the witch; to see if she could help find the outlaws
Always willing help a friend, she takes off on her broom to have a look round ...


  1. Great stuff!
    I love the witches lining up for their license renewals, the singing sheep, and everything!

  2. Which witch flying without a hitch…