Sunday 7 November 2021

Monrovia V Fenwick : Holding action at Venkheim ..

Monrovia V Fenwick, the Bylandt incursion.... continuing from Battle of Lagerheim ...

Took a while to find my notes on the unit's status after the battle and work out the next scenarios, first in this post a holding action, to be followed by a full rearguard action and then ...


As the Monrovia army retreated from the battlefield of Lagerheim, their cavalry mostly intact were used to shield the infantry as they withdrew (some in big hurry).  In order to give him some time to get some order into the army, the Monrovian commander Count Belladona instructs General Stricknein to block a pursuit by Fenwick with a brigade of dragoons and battalion of jagers at Venkheim.

Meanwhile the Duke of Fenwick consults with his staff on what units could be used for a pursuit...
Decision made, the Fenwick pursuit column is quickly assembled from the least fatigued units and sets off. In command is General von Kessing leading the provincial carbiniers, hussars and the regular horse grenadiers along with some jagers.
Waiting at Venkhiem, General Stricknein has drawn up the brigade of dragoons and placed the jagers on each flank in the woods
The Fenwick pursuit column arrives and starts to deploy..
von Kessing issues the order to attack and they start to advance at a trot...
then speed up to charge as they hit home with the Monrovia cavalry who are counter-charging; the jagers move to try and clear the woods.
The Monrovian leib-dragoons holds the charge from the Fenwick elite horse grenadiers, the second dragoon regiment pushes back the Fenwick carabiniers
The draggons have followed up too far and the supporting hussars attack them in the flank ...
The dragoons break and rout followed in pursuit by the carabiniers, the hussars don't pursue and reform; the horse grenadiers have been pushed back and are struggling to hold back the opposing dragoons
the hussars come to assistance of the horse grenadiers hitting the Monrovian leib-dragoons in the flank who break and rout
The Fenwick jagers have finally managed to clear the woods on either side as the cavalry pursue the fleeing Monrovian dragoons
After a bit the Fenwick cavalry break off the pursuit and reform, to their front a large formation of Monrovian cavalry can be seen in the distance; blown and fatigued they hold position - and await the main body of the Fenwick army.

A victory for Fenwick, but Monrovian holding action was successful in blocking the pursuit


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