Monday, 11 October 2021

Re-furbishing the palace figures ...

Today got started on cleaning, touching-in and re-basing the palace figures.

First job was to cut out some new bases from clear plastic (culled from the other half's discarded Barbie doll packaging). To do this I used a 16mm crafting circle punch, just robust enough for the job.

The first batch of figures done, the above stairs staff...
quite a lot more to do ( I think I have getting on for 70+ figures for the palace and about 35+ others, then I'll have the Ratnik figures to paint and base - plenty to do 😀 )


  1. Good idea using clear bases for your figures.

  2. Looking good.
    A well-staffed palace.

  3. Excellent basing from a most effective and economical source. The clear bases really look the part.

  4. Forgot to ask what sort of modelling knife do you use for removing them from their bases?

    1. I use a pair of strong snippers to cut the figure base off and trim level with a stanley knife; then file the base of the feet. Sometimes I need to use a bit of green stuff to level up the feet a bit (some snipping does not go to plan).