Monday, 19 October 2020

Under Wittenberg (1) down the steps and ...

After the discovery of a secret door in the crypt of St Barnabas,  a group from the Royal Society were sent to investigate. They arrived at the church in the middle of the afternoon ...

The door was opened quite easily, lamps were lit and they ventured down some steps into the gloom....
They moved along a short passageway, it was a bit damp with the odd rat running around...
Shortly they arrived in a small chamber, with a tomb at its centre. They studied the inscription, it was the long lost tomb of the medieval king Theoderic III.
One of the royal society calculated that they were directly under the preaching cross in the square in front of the church about 30 ft or more down. There were two passageways leading off the tomb chamber, which appeared to be dead ends. They decided to investigate further the next day, a guard would be put in the church crypt by the doorway, there were stories about the treasure of Theoderic - they did not want anything disturbed.


  1. Down, down deeper and down! Exciting times ahead , looks terrific.

  2. The best thing that you have published in this blog for weeks, please, continue it, a Pulp adventure in 17th Century coan be amazing.

  3. Great beginning of an adventure. By the way, you were "Tangoed" on TMP --