Friday, 16 October 2020

A large church facade...

I had recent post on Duchy of Tragardland about seasonal scenery in mind when I was out shopping at a local emporium and wandered over to the Xmas section to see what they had in the way of usable items - most were the usual Xmassy stuff and not much use. I browsed the Lemax accessories and then the buildings - one item stood out a large church facade with towers.  I have an interest with church architecture and it was one of those 'thats mine' moments.....

Superb as a backdrop 'low-relief' items and goes right with my 28mm figs (and would be OK with my 40mm figs too 😀).  Was it a good match with my large church made with Pegasus gothic building kits (PKPG4923, PKPG4924, PKPG4925).....
Oh yes, just looks like a made-to-measure fancy west end facade...
a bit of work to do to make the front fit better- it needs a suitable back and some padding pieces to make a better join to the large church. A nice little modelling project..


  1. Excellent buy, Lemax has some really cool stuff.

  2. Great idea!
    All the best

  3. Superior addition Alan,
    Excellent find.

  4. Brilliant way to use something meant for a whole other hobby. Have a great time with this!

  5. That's a great find. As you say, when you see something in a store, then buy it right then and there or else someone else is likely to snap it up before you.

  6. Will you be keeping the lighting that came with the St. Patrick's facade?

    1. I've removed the lighting. A bit too gaudy when on.

  7. This looks really lucky that it seems to fit seamlessly with your existing church building!