Sunday, 25 November 2018

Galleys for the River Oudear ...

For actions between Wittenberg and Begovians on the lower reaches of the River Oudear, involving river galleys, I have decide to go with 1/600 scale. This will give me enough space on the table to show the wider river and allow for sufficient galleys for a reasonable game.

Initially I bought a couple of 1/600 metal galleys from Skytrex; these are rather nice. I thought I should have a go at making my own out of cardboard and other bits. First attempt at 1/600 scratch-built galley done (need to do the sail yet), shown here with the Skytrex ones
looks ok, now need to decide how many to build for the opposing fleets.


  1. Your build looks terrific. Nicely done. have you decided upon a set of rules yet for your riverine actions?

  2. Galley looks great. Are there any lakes that mark the border between Wittenberg and Begovia where battles could place and raids upon castles and towns?

  3. Thanks for sharing. Here are the rfp bid sites You should see that.