Thursday, 1 November 2018

Fenwick Army - an update ...

The Duchy of Fenwick horse grenadier regiment is completed (mostly my own home-casts)....
One of my Wittenberg chevaux-leger regiments will double as a Fenwick dragoon regiment, so I've re-done their bases to match......
The four main infantry regiments, finished some time back - nice to get them out on the table ....
One regiment of Kurassiers, guard infantry regiment and a converged grenadier battalion left to do; then Fenwick will be able to take to the field on their own against the Monrovians.


  1. A smart turn out indeed. I particularly like the horse grenadiers. There is something utterly splendid about horse grenadiers.

  2. Will Fenwick be joining Wittenberg to repel the hated Begovian host?

  3. Will your cavalry and infantry components have brigadiers separate from the mounted officers with each regiment?