Saturday 4 August 2018

Troops in motion .....

    The despatches have reached the eyes of General Waldebeck, one tells him of the movement north-west towards the province of Zinzendorf by the Begovian army. A meeting of officers has been called and the General briefs them on the disposition of forces ....
 The Begovian army is on the march towards our borders, we must dispose of the troops available to us to meet this threat.
   The Dragoons, infantry and  artillery will move to Partoki in the centre of the Nastrovian plains.
Halfway between Partoki and the border will be the Rutenian cavalry and Hofler's Pandours at Topdan, with the Uhlans and the Kings Jagers at Barzoli.
    The local land militias will be activated and see to the defence of the border towns and man the watchtowers. Gentlemen return to you commands and get your troops into position as soon as possible...

The next day, General Waldebeck leaves Pulverstadt with a brigade of infantry to march to Partoki...


  1. Wonderful Allan! I look forward to reading about what Wittenberg will do to the Begovian aggressors.


  2. But will there be enough troops to repel the enemy? The look of all of your forces as they march out is , indeed, impressive.

  3. Very well done Allan,
    Backgrounds are so very important. Yours make things come alive.
    Bill P.

  4. Allan, show no quarter to the Begovians lol. Love the map room.