Saturday 7 July 2018

Casting some figures ....

Nice hot day today so went out to the garage to melt metal and cast some figures. Main point of today was to try out my new metal melting pot...
The beastie is from Prince August, who were also doing a half price bundle deal with it for 10bars of model metal. Much easier to use than melting metal in ladles on a hotplate. I managed to cast up enough figures to bring my 40mm garrison regiment up to full strength - before it got to hot in the garage  :)


  1. Ah yes...only mad dogs and Englishmen go out into the midday garage...

  2. I've always wanted to cast my own figures but the lack of a garage or shed has hampered my plans. Not sure the wife would approve if did it in the kitchen!

    1. Yes, NOT the kitchen.

      I have used the 'laundry hallway' with the back door open in the rain.
      Most times I just use an old box/shelf in the back yard on clear mornings ... from sunrise to about 11:30 am when the direct sun is too hot to work.

    2. I started in the kitchen some years ago, but when the new cooker arrived I was asked to find somewhere else; I now have a portable work surface and three alternative locations:
      * in the games room, strictly for small numbers of figures and mould trial castings
      * in the lean-to when the weather is reasonable (not to hot or cold)
      * the garage, most casting is done there

  3. And so the Industrial Revolution reached the Kingdom of Wittemberg!

  4. Seems the garrison regiment will be getting some well earned attention


  5. Excellent stuff!

    I have used a LEE electric melting pot for 20+ years, I'm on my third one!

    There's also some good ingot makers from LEE as well as a reasonable casting metal - I tend to mix in some of the casting metal when my tin content gets too low with all the mixed sources of lead I have.

    The best was from an old police pistol range, where the guy who had the job of cleaning out the butts sold me 60 pounds of old pistol and shotgun bullets and pellets.

    Great to know another home caster!

  6. Oh ! I like the look of your new melting pot , I use an old Calor gas camping range .