Sunday, 8 July 2018

28mm: Sculpt - March Attack Musketeer

For some time I've been planning to have a go at some sculpting in 28mm. Finally decided to have a go at a march attack musketeer. After a couple of false starts... the third attempt seemed to be going somewhere so I persisted with it. Now it is finished and looks reasonable...

It has a number of imperfections which need fixing before I put it in a mould. What next ? I'm going to try a horse and dragoon rider.


  1. He's a very handsome chap. He reminds me of a cross between a Garrison figure and a mini fig which is a complement. March attack is the best pose for me and you have done a cracking job well done.

  2. I'm impressed by your modelling skills .

  3. Agreed! He looks like just the man for Austrian and Reichsarmeee (or imaginary) line infantry.

    Best Regards,