Monday, 18 December 2017

In the Sackwald - floating in the air ...

The King, Prinz Albrecht and Lady Karolin went for a walk the next day late in the morning in the outer edges of the Sackwald forest,  When they got back to the hunting lodge they had lunch. The King had arranged a special treat for his son for the afternoon ... a hot air balloon ride; Professor Cantor got the balloon ready and up they went, bumping on the ground a couple of times as they got going...
soon they were floating low over the edge of the village of Eisen ...
the balloon rose slowly till they were up high - they enjoyed the views of the Sackwald forest below them..


  1. It looks great Allan. I picked up a tin ball recently for my own project, inspired by previous Wittenberg excursions and those of the French during the 1790s. Have a great Christmas and thank you for your efforts in producing this blog.

  2. You go from strength to strength Allan,wonderful!

  3. Echoing all the above, this blog just gets better and better. Many thanks.