Tuesday 13 December 2016

Morning at Raddenwitz ...

On the northern stretches of the river Oudear on the side of the river in Duchy of Fenwick territory lies the small riverside port of Raddenwitz.

One sleepy monday morning .....
A small flotilla of boats has been spotted coming up the river by the harbourmaster and his assistant,  they cross to the other side of the harbour area for a closer look
 A runner is sent to raise the alarm ....
 The runner arrives at the guard house ....
 The first of the boats comes into view ....
 Meanwhile in the town the port guard has been assembled .....
The runner who brought the news has been sent to get re-inforcements from a nearby army camp; meanwhile more boats near the port .......

to be continued .....


  1. What a perfectly marvelous set up for your next game. Well done sir and have loads of fun!

  2. The figures are French "Colonial Marines", am I correct?
    They are play the part of????
    Can't wait to find out.

    1. yep - using some french colonial marines as part of the attack force

  3. Wonderful set up - a pirate attack?

    1. a raid as the start of a trade war on the river Oudear

  4. OMG this is blog is simply AMAZING.