Friday 2 September 2016

Duchy of Fenwick infantry regiment ...

Duke Maurice has taken time out of his busy schedule to inspect a re-equipped infantry regiment, this will replace one of the units in the Wittenberg Legion stationed at Gugenstadt.
 [ This is a re-conditioned unit, it was french regiment de Lally.  It now has a uniform that is similar to that of one of regiments of Saxony in the early 1730's, plus new flags in a Saxony style. 

More Duchy of Fenwick units to come as I work through the boxes,  basically red coated cavalry and infantry - in a melange of uniforms Saxony (early 1730s), Britain (so they can have alternate flag bases for colonial use) and Hanover...]

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Der Alte Fritz said...

It is a handsome looking unit with a most attractive flag.