Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Duchy of Fenwick infantry brigade ...

Duke Maurice continues his inspection tour of the army, dropping in to see some of the troops stationed near the capital ...
[ These two units have had the flag bases replaced with new ones, so 6 figures painted up; these will revert to being British for colonial wars (IR 39, IR60), using the original flag bases. I've two new Fenwick units on the painting table at the moment - another infantry regiment and a jager battalion]


  1. This seems to be coming along quickly. If by British Colonial IR60 you mean the "60th Royal Americans", I used to re-enact with them as a teen out of the Fort Pitt Museum during the 80's.

    It was like Boy Scouts
    ...with cannons :)

  2. Stout looking fellows. They put on a good display.