Saturday, 27 June 2015

Wittenberg infantry advance ....

General Waldebeck issues the order for the uhlans to move off ...
Count Pottsendorf finds out what was behind the Wittenberg uhlans, appearing from a slight dip in the ground, the Wittenberg regular infantry and artillery, behind he can just see a full regiment of cavalry as well ....
Count Pottensdorf brings up the infantry from Noverre to form a second line and issues urgent orders for the artillery to be brought up .and the cavalry to get into position ..
The Wittenberg regimental artillery has been formed into a small battery on the left of the deployed infantry...
The view from the walls of Hofheim ...


  1. Quite a spectacle.....looking forward to seeing the outcome.

  2. Eagerly awaiting the action ! , Tony

  3. I love your parades, I love them all!! Great figures, great ambience - I miss such deployments on my tabletop.
    Thanks for this inspirations!

  4. Thanks, Allan, for uploading the photos, they look great....... I want to fight a wargame now!