Sunday, 21 June 2015

Campaign PDF: Monrovia V Pelardon - The Siege of Fausignac

I've collated all the posts from the campaign shown on this blog (January to April 2013) and created a PDF.

This is available from here V Pelardon.pdf

I had some format/corruption problems with the master document so the generated PDF pagination has gone slightly off towards the end.


  1. Thanks for the pdf! It will certainly make for enjoyable reading.

  2. A rousing account indeed!!! Bill

  3. Excellent Campaign Story - superb modelling and organisation to present everything in a chronological order - very well done Allan.
    Your Inspiring 28mm Figures spur me on to be able to go ahead with my own 18mm Napoleonic Imaginations Project. Thankyou for Posting. KEV.