Monday 29 December 2014

A commission in the army .....

The start of a story line in which a young noble receives a commission as an officer in the army, travels to take up his post, takes part in his first action and ...... 

For the story picture I'll use figures and sundry items from my 28mm and 40mm collections.


The young Steffen Hofler, Marquess of Kronstadt, had placed his name on the army commission list and had heard nothing for months. Then one day he received a letter from the offices of Count Hermann of Munster asking him to come to the palace - there was a opening for an officer....

The Marquess on reaching Wittenberg palace asked directions from one of the guards ...
 He made his way through the entrance hall ....
 and then upstairs to the office of Count Hermann Munster, where after a short wait he was ushered in. The Count greeted him warmly. Come sit down, I have a officer's commission for you in the army..
 after finding out the details, the Marquess accepted the commission.  The Marquess was pleased - he had received the command of a new battalion of Pandours which would be part of the Boritzy Friekorps.


  1. Looking forward to following his career , Tony

  2. Beautiful short story and figures. Marquess is indeed a lucky man; we will see, how he will lead his Pandours...

  3. Alan, I am always happy and glad to see your stories and the palace. Well done on the interior as the years have gone by. Lovely.
    A fan,
    Bill P.

  4. We wish young Hoffler well....looking forward to seeing the story unfold.