Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Palace Grounds - the lakeside

The King and Queen enjoy a view of the lake.....
 The view across the lake to the Temple of Apollo ....
 A quick tour round the lakeside, the pavilion by the water side near the palace is used by the court musicians to provide concerts on summer evenings....
The centaur statue and bridge over the river which exits the lake ....
 The rustic house ...
 The gryphon statue ...
 The Temple of Apollo at the far end of the lake.
 A look back down the lake from the hill above the temple...
You can return to the palace by the other side of the lake via the glen and the woodland walk. A path is to be made up the hill from the woodland walk which will lead to the formal palace gardens being constructed at the rear of the palace.

1. the lake is represented using some blue curtain lining material.
2. the lush grass by the lakeside and the small island are green felt.
3. Pavilion is a small Xmas town bandstand.
4. Rustic house is a Hornby resin cottage.
5. The statues are some plastic mythical animals (source unknown) on pedestals made from card and foamboard.
6. Bridges: the stone bridge is by Italeri, made up narrower; the small bridge is a from an Xmas town range.
7. The Temple of Apollo was made for my 54mm romans/gauls project and works fine with the smaller figures.]


  1. It's almost like a our of the grounds around Totleigh Towers while avoiding Madeleine Bassett! Very well presented on a less frivolous note.

    Best Regards,


  2. An Arcadian idyll (reminds me of Stourhead).

  3. Glad to see the llamas have a place to hang out...Bill

  4. What a fine scenery - it reminds me the fil "Adieux à ma Reine" - a film playing in Versailles 1789. Beautiful set you did!

  5. Excellent groundswork! Makes me wish I could stroll around there!