Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Improvements at the palace ....

The King has taken some time out from his busy schedule to inspect the new doors and terracing at the side and rear of the palace.

The new door on the side of the palace seems fine ...

The kings walks along the new terrace towards the rear of the palace ...

The new door at the rear of the palace passes inspection ...

The King stops for a chat with the commander of the palace guard before heading inside for his next scheduled engagement of the day .....

There is much to do in the palace grounds, the lakeside below the side of the palace is being re-modelled to allow for new garden features; the ground to the rear of the palace has to be cleared before new formal gardens are laid out.

[ The new palace backdrops were made using some images of drawings of Wilton House (side) and Holkham Hall (rear). The images were doctored to add the same window effect as used on the static diorama I have for the front of the palace. Images were printed out on buff paper, and then stuck onto the back drops. The paving for the terrace is from some self-adhesive floor tiles (bought from Wilkinsons). 

I'm hoping to develop some simple palace grounds and formal gardens - similar to the plan shown in a post a while back]


  1. Splendid work, looks like the work of Sanderson Miller (my avatar pic).

  2. Your backdrops, new and old, are simply wonderful.

    Best Regards,


  3. You never cease to amaze me!...Bill