Sunday, 15 September 2013

Project Board

Been busy recently making buildings for my Romans V Celts project; having a sort out at the moment tidying  a few things away etc. Today decided to clean off and redo my project whiteboard, this keeps a list of main things I'm planning to do for my hobby projects -
All done and annotated (C=cast, Conv=Converted, B=Bought). I feel re-organised now - don't know how long that will last though .... Plenty to do for 18C, just sorting out what to work on next.


  1. memo to self - must get a white board. Seriously though, great idea, seems as crowded as my two pieces of A4 paper! Trouble is, you add more to the bottom than comes off the top.

    1. The project board holds the main items, but supplementary items float about on Post-It notes

      There is always more to do than you first think of :)


  2. Oh how organised ! - that's what I need !