Tuesday, 17 September 2013

On Guard at Villa Rondiso

Count von Balderdash, secretary of war for Monrovia, had come under immense scrutiny following the failed attempts by Monrovia over the last couple of  campaign seasons to successfully invade and annexe Zomverre and Pelardon; there were allegations of skimming funds, accepting bribes, awarding fake contracts etc. Fearing for his liberty the Count decided to escape across the border into Wittenberg.

After getting into Wittenberg territory he had been picked up by the authorities and was being held at Villa Rondiso, near Kirkhof, under guard awaiting transport to take him to the capital.

The small border town of Kirkhof....
 Captain Scharfe tells the night watchman to be extra vigilant...
 Pilgrims and the sick take the waters at the healing spring near the church of St Barnabas...
Mademoiselle Givenchy and her Irregulars plus a couple of jagers are on guard at Villa Rondiso where Count Balderdash is being held
 Captain Scharfe checks with the Grey Rider before turning in for the night at the inn..


The Monrovians have kept tabs on the whereabouts of the Count - 
they want him back to put on trial for treason

to be continued


  1. A lovely set up. I really like the cathedral square.

  2. What a splendid wee town. Those 'bas-relief' buildings in the back adds real depth to the scene - a fine method giving the town extra substance whilst conserving space. The architecture looks good, too.

  3. I love your spatial arrangements so much - it looks really great! Very fine scenarios and seducing anecdotes around them.
    Again: I am ravished!!