Sunday 16 June 2013

Wittenberg: Guards on parade...

 inspired by watching the 'Trooping of the Colour' yesterday - thought it would be nice if the Wittenberg guard troops had a similar parade for the King


The parade ground with all the guards in place, with plenty of people who've come along to watch ...
The King, Field Marshal and commander of the guards on horseback, with the Queen and royal family on the viewing stand.  
The King rides around to inspect his guards ...
The signal for the parade to start, a 21 gun salute by the guards corps artillery ....
The band moves to the centre and the foot guards start their march past ...
they march round the parade ground ...
and then past the King ....
the foot guards have returned to their positions and the mounted band move into position..
the horse guards start their march past. Led by the Chevalier Guard, followed by the Horse Grenadiers and the Guard du Corps..
They trot past the King ....
The parade is over and the guards form up to escort the King and royal family back to the palace ...
The horse guards lead the way, with the Queen and her children in the coach, followed by the King at the head of his foot guards ....


  1. Absolutely brilliant!, your models look fantastic on parade.

  2. Think I was watching something like this on TV yesterday !

  3. Beautifully tremendous!
    Compliments and thanks

  4. A charming little ceremony, and so well executed by the troops involved. Thank you

  5. Wonderful story and review of the Guard. Did you already have the reviewing stand made or was it a spur of the moment creation?


    1. I made the viewing stand a couple of years ago. So in-hand and ready to use for the parade (along with other scenic items accumulated)

      -- Allan

  6. There is nothing so rousing a military review. Well done, Sir!

  7. Marvellous ! The carriage adds a great touch as well.

  8. Its been said already but a splendid parade!