Friday 28 June 2013

40mm: Dismounted general staff - conversions (unpainted)

I wanted to represent the mounted general staff of both Wittenberg and Saxe-Jarlsberg on foot, so out with the green-stuff and a few sessions of work managed to get them done.

I tried to choose figures, heads etc that matched the mounted rider as close as I could, where necessary a bit of extra green stuff has been added to the mounted figure to match up.

Here they are in shown the raw before they get painted, next to their mounted counterparts.
Firstly Saxe-Jarlsberg, their commander Count Pottsendorf (modified Creartec home-cast officer with Front Rank head).
 his Aide (modified Creartec home-cast officer)
and the military advisor from Noverre (modified Irregular Miniatures officer with Front Rank head).
And for Wittenberg, General Waldebeck ( modified Front Rank AWI hessian officer)
with his second in command Count Boritzy (Irregular Miniatures hussar top half with bottom half coming from a Creartec home-cast officer)
aha ! the next thing to do is paint them ....