Tuesday, 23 October 2012

On the way to Konigsweldt ....

The war in the south continues .....Wittenberg decides to strike Saxe-Jarlsberg's ally Hesse-Limburger, the target Konigsweldt - their aim to destroy supply stockpiles and do as much damge as possible to troops assembling to move up river.
A Wittenberg force of grenadiers and river marines are on their way down the river, and are nearly in position....
The river marines and some jagers have move ahead of the main force downstream ...
Their target the Hesse-Limburger camp and supply store at Konigsweldt ....

more to follow .....


  1. Like the boats , were did you get them ?

  2. I'm really enjoying the nautical flavour to your blogs at present.The table looks great ad do the boats.

  3. What beaut boats! And there's some hefty looking ordnance on that leading vessel. A lugger? Let's call it a lugger. Very handy for riverine and inshore work. I want...

  4. source of boats/ships used;

    Lugger (biggest) - converted toy ship - from Toys R us - can't remember what make.

    Three medium sized ships with sails - converted Playmobil (item 4295)

    The rest from Lego/Megablocks (or similar) with cardboard decks etc.

    -- Allan