Sunday, 10 June 2012

Some Strange Visitors to the Palace ....

Two unusually dressed visitors have arrived at the palace ....

Romana: Who are we going to see ?
Doctor: Cantor, the court inventor, I always enjoy having a chat with him and seeing his inventions. Come along we'll go through the main hall; I say they've made some changes since I was last here ...

Doctor: have you seen Cantor ?
Page: try the ballroom sir, most of the court is there this afternoon  ...

Off they went through to the ballroom, as they went down the stairs they bumped into the Field Marshall ...
Field Marshall:  watch where you are going you fool !
Doctor: terribly sorry, do have a jelly baby ..

Doctor: Hello Cantor, finally found you
Cantor: So nice to see you again, shall we go down to my workshop
Doctor: why certainly, its a bit crowded in here ...

Count Zaltoy: Who was that fellow?
Field Marshall: calls himself the Doctor,
pleasant fellow and a charming lady companion .

Having reached his workshop Cantor presents his latest invention a horseless carriage. 'Can't get the motivator to work though' he says ..
The Doctor and Romana spend a pleasant afternoon and evening with Cantor discussing his inventions and continued talking long into the night, after which the visitors continued on their travels.


A little fun - inspired by viewing some old Doctor Who adventures. Doctor and Romana are from Black Tree Design and the police box is from the Hornby model railway accessory range.


  1. Fantastic! (although that's a different incarnation)
    Quite enjoyable.

  2. Splendid stuff. I feel inspired to watch some Dr. Who now, not having seen an episode since Tom Baker left.

  3. Very nice! I've just discovered your blog, a lot of great ideas!

  4. Wonderful! We in St. Maurice are above this sort of thing (lol) but it certainly adds yet another level of entertainment to an already entertaining blogsite. Well done. - Mike