Friday, 8 June 2012

Palace - refurbishments in progress ...

The King and Queen are doing some refurbishments at the palace and have decided to start on the entrance hall; the existing entrance hall ...
I took apart my old entrance hall model and saved the stairs and the bulk of the doors etc; I made a new larger base and sides and re-arranged the stairs to go up in the centre; new layout below with some cake stand columns being tried for size ....
The doors being re-assembled, parts are glued onto a thick paper backing to keep all the bits together; these will then be painted and added to the new entrance hall.
The next job to do was add the flooring, I decided on some tiling using some dolls house paper sheet..
As you'd expect the King is keeping a close eye on the works ....
King: When will the hall be finished ?
Architect: Another few days yet your majesty


  1. Looking good so far.... Really like the floor pattern. Seems I've seen something like it before somewhere - Oh, yes, my kitchen! But of course, that's not made from the finest marble and granite...

  2. Let's hope the builders don't get called away to another job - splendid stuff!


  3. The King is quite a student of the arts - sounds like a good place to live were I in the 18th Century. His eye for architectural style is very impressive.