Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wittenberg: New General Staff (and some other refurb's)

Refurbishment and tidy up are necessary some times, I've been working on the Wittenberg general staff, but a couple of other units needed some attention as well - some cavalry and some grenadiers.  Some piccies below plus the new general staff.

1. Cavalry: Chevaux-Legers
One of my Chevaux-Legers regiments was made up of Old Glory Fitz-James horse (JBH-10), but with three horse grenadiers using some spare Irregular Miniature riders on Minifig horses - these have never quite looked right and I thought it was about time to sort them out
Also I noticed that when I painted them I hadn't removed some of the grass 'support' pegs for the horses feet,
these are a bit clunky and once removed made the horses look a lot better. I bought some more Old Glory cavalry figures and painted up three to replace the horse grenadiers - I decided to re-base both regiments as the old bases had become a bit tired.  Chevaux-Legers brigade ready for action ...

2. Infantry - Grenadiers
While I was in the 'refurb' mood,  I felt one of my battalion of grenadiers needed a bit of a lift. The figures have no cast detail on the front of the mitre which makes them look a bit flat...
So I painted the front of the mitre black and added some outline detail in silver, much better ..

3. General Staff
The general staff are now finished, I really enjoyed painting up the Minden staff packs I bought ....

The command tent I made up a while back has been put on a display base with a couple of tents, the display base will sit overlooking my gaming table so the the staff can keep an eye on goings on. The new Minden figures fit in nicely with the rest of the staff ....


  1. That command tent photo is great . . . really inspiring.

    -- Jeff

  2. Yes, and the refurbished figures ain't half bad either. I like especially the grenadiers and new Minden staff. Very nicely done.

    Best Regards,


  3. I really like the general staff and tent display! Very good work on livening up the mitres, too.

  4. You are a brave man, I tend to leave anything that might support the horses in place. But there is no doubt which looks better.

    Speaking of which that is a splendidly busy Generals pavilion. Congratulations.