Sunday, 6 May 2012

Russian Naval Raid on Stockholm .... (Proxy Sea Battle)

The military attache to the Wittenberg ambassador to Russia, was offered the opportunity to sail with the Russian baltic fleet, here is the report he sent back to Wittenberg along with some watercolours of the main stages of the action ...

A proxy sea battle ....

Russian Mission: to attack the Swedish fleet at anchor in Stockholm. Russsian fleet comprises:
2 x 1st Rate (100); 4 x Heavy Thirds (70); 4 x Common Thirds (66)  [10 ships]

The Swedish fleet at anchor:
2 x 1st Rate (100); 4 x Heavy Thirds (70); 4 x Common Thirds (66) [5 ships]

The Swedish fleet at anchor ...
The Russian fleet move in ....
The Admiral in the flagship leads the 1st squadron into attack the Swedes..
The Swedes scramble to get their ships into action as the Russians open fire ...
As broadsides are exchanged one of the Swedish ships catches fire (red marker) ..
The Russians slowly pass by pounding the Swedes who give a good account of themselves; the crew of the ship which was on fire managed to put it out, but the ships rigging is shot to bits and is immoblised (green marker); another Swedish ship catches fire and lists heavily. The tail end Russian ship has had its rigging shot through and starts to drift on the wind ..
The Swedish ships are badly damaged now two are on fire and starting to sink with two more immobilised. The second Russian ship's rigging is badly damaged and is taken into to tow; one Swedish ship undamaged by the initial fighting closes in and pours in a broadside
The Russian ship is badly damaged and slips it's tow and drifts into shore and starts to sink, the only  active Swedish ship bow rakes a Russian ship to little effect as it tries to get clear ...
The Russian fleet withdraws its mission successful ...

A great victory for the Russians

1. Damage to Both Sides:

  • 3 Sunk: 1 First Rate, 1 Common 3rd, 1 Heavy 3rd
  • 1 First Rate - Immobilised, rigging shot to pieces, 60% Crew Casualties; 50% Hull damage; 30% guns out of action
  • 1 Heavy 3rd - minor damage
  • Sunk: 1 First Rate
  • 1 Common third - badly mauled, half speed (50% damage)
  • 1 Heavy Third - rigging shot to pieces; 25% Crew Casualties; 30% Hull damage; 20% guns out of action - under tow
  • 1 Heavy Third - minor damage
  • 1 First Rate (Flag Ship) - minor damage
2. Rules used: Broadside & Cutlass

3. Ships : these are sourced from Matlock Miniatures and have been slightly modified by using ship sides from Junior General to provide more hull detail.


  1. This was AWESOME TIDDERS!

    Thank you for the well done tabletop action ... now I must get cracking on posting to the blog about my own action of the day.


  2. A fine brisk action... Very nice looking vessels, too!

  3. This ships you did, were they the Santa Maria ones from Matlock then modified by changing the sails?

  4. Murdock - I used the HMS Victory and some Clipper ships; which don't appear to available currently on their website.

    -- Allan

  5. Nice looking action, congratulations.

  6. Nice little battle. Thanks for the rules link. I've been looking for a simple set of sailing navy rules to use with all the Pirates of the Spanish Main, etc. plastic ships I have.