Thursday, 8 September 2011

Zomverre V Monrovia: Battle of Pomeroy (part the third - finale)

the battle continues ....
The Ducal cavalry engage their Monrovian counterparts, the Ducal curiassiers break their opponents and pursue cutting them up ... 
The beleagured Monrovian right flank just holds off the the attack; they fight hard holding back the Fenwick grenadiers, while their musketry stalls the advance of the Ducal grenadiers, a second battalion of  Fenwick grenadiers has swung round and started to pour file into the flank of the Monrovian battalions ....
The Ducal curiassiers have rallied from pursuit and crash into the rear of the Monrovians who had been holding their own ...
The Monrovian battle line had been moving forward slowly, man-handling their artillery. The Ducal artillery moved the focus of the their fire to Monrovian centre. The Monrovian Irish  battalion breaks under the bombardment, the gap in the line will be filled by the Regiment de La Reine ..
Meanwhile the Ducal cavalry have routed the remaining Monrovian cavalry and have set off in pursuit, their supporting Fenwick cavalry move into position to encircle the Monrovian flank. The infantry on the Monrovian right flank are struggling to hold their position ....
The Monrovian infantry finally break (the light is starting to fade as the sun sets) ...
Field Marshal Stricknein orders up his reserve, two regiments of cavalry and the grenadier guards to prop-up his flank ... 
Some of the Ducal cavalry returns from their pursuit, while their Fenwick allies move forward ...
The Fenwick cavalry is held off by the fresh Monrovian cavalry and the musketry of the Monrovian infantry holds back an attempted attack by the Dcual forces.
The Monrovians disengage and retreat, leaving the battlefield under the cover of darkness, back through Pomeroy and towards Hohenloe.

A great victory for the Duchy of Zomverre and her Fenwick allies.



  1. Well done sir. Your troops look marvelous as usual, and the game appears to have been most exciting (as long as you weren't Monrovian). Two questions. WHat rules are you using for your engagements, and do I detect some of those lovely Wargames Factory WSS figures in and among the Monrovians? Nice presentation as always. - Mike

  2. Your troops and the battle look great! What rules are you using, sir?

    -- Jeff

  3. Thnak you very much Allan,
    for the three compelling battle reports. Stylish, verrrry 18th Century-esque, lovely miniatures, a first and second line and stately formations. Darkening the room in the last image nicely portrayed the arrival of evening per the text. Congratulations for on whole ensemble and your collection of resplendent units.

  4. As always a visually entertaining report!

  5. Rules used are Weight of Fire (downloadable from, with a few modifications.

    Figures are from a selection of manufacturers - Irregular Miniatures, Front Rank, Foundry, RSM, Hinchcliffe, some Dixon and Wargames Factory WSS infantry.

    -- Allan