Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A spot of tiffin ....

Newly finished denizens of the palace feature here: Foundry painter in library and Jacdaw civilian pack LWC01 in the main hall

The King is having his portrait painted ...
Tiepolo (artist): You seem in good cheer today your Majesty ?
King: Yes, I received good news today - the Monrovians were defeated at Pomery in Zomeverre

The Queen is on her way to the royal appartments, accompanied by her ladies in waiting ...

Servant: Excuse me your Majesty, the Queen is on her way
King: That'll be all for today Tiepolo ..

The King and Queen enjoy a nice spot of tiffin ....


  1. Brilliant interior photos and modeling

  2. Spifffing Tiffin indeed! Loved Swanhonloe too.

  3. Somptuous backgrounds for a great advert for the new Jacdaw pack!

  4. That portrait looks nothing like the king! Horrible artist!

    Off with his head?

  5. Great stuff. Inspirational as always

  6. Tidders- Nice job as always. I love the whimsical styling.There will be at least 2 more Civilians packs from Jacdaw I have the masters in hand One pack includes musicians for the ball and the other is ... well what happens after the ball in private as it were... so no pitures of the castings

  7. Jeroen72 - well spotted the protrait is not a good match for the King, I used a Gainsborough self portrait image from the web - as it sported a tricorne - didn't think anyone would notice

    Big Andy - the new civilian packs sound great - will look forward to them being available.

    -- Allan

  8. Allan, I really enjoy all of your work in this blog, but these little vignettes is always the best. You have a great eye for detail my friend, and your imagination for these little scenes goes without question. Wonderful job..... again. - Mike