Saturday, 23 April 2011

Monvrovians V Zomverre - Battle of Dormhausen (day 2)

The Monrovians commanded by General Zeinite had failed in their assault of the town of  Dormhausen
and were planning another attempt the next day. The General's career was on the line, he had to take the town for the reset of the army to cross the river.

A scratch force from army of the Duchy of Zomverre under the command of General Hoffnung are still in posession of the town and will try to hold another day to allow the main body of their army to assemble.

Fortified by a nights sleep, a hearty breakfast and a few tots of rum; the Monrovians form up and move off to attack Dormhausen with the support of a fusilier battalion which was guarding the baggage train.
The jagers move on ahead, and the artillery deploys and opens fire on the town ....
The infantry move up, this time unaffected by the artillery fire from the Ducal forces ...
The Ducal militia, after receiving artillery fire and seeing the steady approach of the wild geese, turn and run - carrying the supporting regular company with them
General Hoffnung attempts to rally the militia as the Monrovians move into the town ...
A reserve company of grenadiers is committed to fray to bolster the defence of the Ducal right, they open fire on flank of the Monrovian column moving down the road...
The grenadiers having seen off the infantry battalion in column now engage in a firefight with the wild geese while the rest of the Monrovian infantry move up to attack ...
In a last ditch attempt recover his left flank General Hoffnung commits his cavalry, who encounter the Monrovian hussars ...
The Monrovians assault the Ducal right flank ...
The Ducal grenadiers fall back after being shot to ribbons; while the Monrovian fusiliers have crossed the wall and are into the town ...
The defence of the town collapses and the Ducal forces withdraw hastily covering the retreat with their cavalry. The Monrovians take control of the town.


  1. As quickly concluded as on day 1: Fortune of War is a fickle mistress.

  2. What a difference a day makes!!!

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