Friday 29 April 2011

Monrovians Cross river at Dormhausen

After successfully capturing Dormhausen from the forces of the Duke of Zomeverre the Monrovian army crosses the river, building their bridge of boats at the site of the old ferry.  A brigade of dragoons is in the progress of crossing the river ....
Field Marshal Stricknein (promoted recently from General) greets General Zeinite ....
A bit of a queue is building up on the other side of the river ...
To the east of the town, there is a screen of light troops and some hussars are off on patrol ...


  1. Absolutely love your pontoon set-up! And the guy in the red trousers, wading to the river bank is a neat touch too. Lovely.

    Best Regards,


  2. May I take this oppertunity to nominate you for 'The Stylish Bloggers Award'

  3. That would a richly deserved reward :)