Sunday 23 January 2011

Dire straits ?

Madamesoille de Givenchy and her aunt the Marquise of Zinzendorf have been taken under escort by the Monrovians ...(continued from here)


The dragoons bring the captives to the interior police headquarters ...
The ladies protest their innocence, but the Intendant of police tells them they will be confined to a room while their coach and belongings are searched - they will be questioned tomorrow or the next day ...
Mademoiselle de Givenchy and her aunt settle into their quarters, sparsely decorated but well furnished ...
Meanwhile the grey rider is organising a rescue ...

to be continued ....


  1. The interior sets are impressive. Where did you get the furniture?

  2. Marvelous dioramas, specially the awesome interiors -as usual.

    Eager to learn more about this mysterious 'Grey Rider': seemingly the mentor of the "Marquise of Zinzendorf" in the Wittenberger 'Service'?

  3. Furniture is either scratch bulit from cardboard, adapted from children toy sets of the right size or using 1/48th scale plastic furniture.

    The 1/48th plastic furniture is available in sets, I got mine from

    -- Allan

  4. Like the others very impressed with the dioramas, and love the story so far.

  5. Super set up- I love the touch of the stepping stones...