Sunday 2 January 2011

The Bird is in the Cage ...

While returning to Wittenberg via Monrovia, Mademoiselle De Givanchy and her aunt the Marquise of Zinzendorf have been detained by the monrovians, they are being taken to Bronstadt to be questioned by the commander of the monrovian border guard.

Their companion, the 'Grey Rider' who managed to escape watches their carriage, with an escort of monrovian dragoons, from the edge of a wood.

A view of Bronstadt a small town used as the headquarters of the monrovian border guard ...
The 'Grey Rider' waits to see where they are taken and slips off across the border to get some help.


  1. Do not I see a narrow river close to Bronstadt?
    I suspect the footbridges will be used soon...

  2. Very nice images, sir. I particularly like the town.

    -- Jeff

  3. I sense the game is a foot...

  4. The 'Grey Rider' is at least as mysterious as the 'the Marquise of Zinzendorf' -even if not as excellent as a sniper. Very curious to discover his identity....