Saturday, 2 October 2010

Wittenberg - Another regiment passes inspection

The last of the four infantry regiment of the Wittenland army corps is approved for duty ....

[figs: New Battalion - Foundry; Inspecting officers: Old Glory & Front Rank.]

I'm having a blitz on painting white-coated troops at the moment, one more unit to come - the converged grenadiers from the four regiments of  the Wittenland army corps.


  1. Another so good-looking unit!
    With an 'alternate' command, will they appear in the Indies as 'Frogs'?

  2. This battalion will not be morphing to add to the french for the Indies - however I will be painting up IR Lally (Irish Wild Geese) for the French in India, this regiment will also be in the service of Monrovia when they appear in Europa.

    -- Allan