Wednesday 24 March 2010

40mm: Assault on Regenstein ...

The Saxe-Jarlsberg border wars continue ... (a game using 40mm figures, and a tryout of the Sharpe Practice ruleset) ...


Saxe-Jarslberg has been using the bridge over the river Oudear at Regenstein in Hesse-Limburger's territory to enable its forces to make raids into the Wittenberg province of Upper Belgravia.  Regenstein is an important trading route into the Imperium from the south-west.

Wittenberg has decided to take Regenstein to prevent the border raids by Saxe-Jarlsberg and to ensure 'the free passage of trade' into the Imperium.

The old fort at Regenstein, has a small garrison; recently arrived is a battalion of Hesse-Limburger regular troops. Some earthen ditches and ramparts have been constructed around the town, however the fort is the key to the defence of the town.

Not expecting any trouble the garrison is going to have a feast and a few drinks, which is currently being prepared behind the tavern ...

The Action
Captain Scharfe of the King's Jagers briefs his men on the attack plan, he has returned from a look at the towns defences (and has not changed back into his uniform, he is wearing a grey coat with red breaches and waistcoat).  Further back troops from the Boritzy Freikorps get ready ...

The jagers move off at the double, their job to get the ladders in place on a section of the wall which is not covered by the fort's guns and start the assault. They are spotted by the garrison who hurry to the walls. A runner is sent to fetch the regulars billetted in the town ...
The defenders are at the walls and the fort guns are firing, the jagers have one ladder up and are keeping the defenders heads down with their accurate fire...
Captain Scharfe encourages his men to get up the ladders and into the fort as the freikorps grenadiers come up with more ladders..
Some jagers are now in the fort and Captain Scharfe directs his men from atop the wall .. the grenadiers are getting ready to start their assault ..
The jagers and the grenadiers are starting to get some men into the fort, the garrison troops resolve is starting to waiver ... the regular troops have responded to the alarm and are just entering the fort ..
The grenadiers are now into the fort and Captain Scharfe is in the thick of the fighting ..the freikorps chasseurs are getting ready to cross the wall into the fort ...
The fight was hard but the defenders were outnumbered and surrendered. A great victory for Wittenberg.


  1. Beautiful looking game - I do believe that 40mm is the "scale of Kings"!

  2. The scale of kings indeed! Thanks for sharing your latest adventure...

  3. Great little action - the sort of thing that happens on the fringes of larger operations. An escalade, if it is not already on a wargamers CV, ought to be somewhere on his agenda!

    Man - I like those big garrison guns. But they seem not to have been very effective on this occasion...


  4. Excellent report and wonderful pictures! Just goes to show, you can have fun games without a ton of figures, too. :)

  5. Entertaining report and eye-candy illustrations of a frantic little battle and certainly enjoyable game!

  6. Furst Bruno von Ursa, ruler of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein has ordered a cart full of casks of the finest Saxe-Bearstein beers to their allies in the Kingdom of Wittenberg to further the celebration of this great victory.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein (for the Furst)

  7. IOn

    The fort guns got some of the jagers as they approached but once near the walls the guns had no real target, although they managed to pick off a couple of grenadiers before the gunners were too busy fighting the attackers.

    -- Allan

  8. Very nice. Great story and the eye candy goes without question. 40mm scale of kings. Hmmm. His Majesty de St. Maurice's troops are a little on the short side for this "scale of kings," but then again so is His Majesty. In fact, in St. Maurice we call the scale 30mm, but it's all probably just some confusion in the language. Great presentation. - Mike