Saturday 23 January 2010

Making the Palace Interior (4) - Planning the room..

The last in these posts on 'how to' make the palace interior. This one is about planning the room out. Yes this should have been number one, but to be honest I didn't draw up proper plans for the other rooms, just jotted down bits on post-it notes as I went along. Really it is suit yourself with the planning, general idea is :
a. Write out a list of features for the room.
b. Sketch a view or views of the room, with some ideas jotted on it.
c. If needed draw plans of sections which require it with measurements, to enure you cut the parts up right for assembly.

I've started keeping a modelling ideas book, so I can jot/sketch things in as they come to mind.
Below is a sheet with the sketchs for the dual purpose Ballroom/Throneroom (click on it to see in full size)

This is the room I'm currently working on, the basic room is done and I'm in the process of finishing it off, so any preferences as to which guise you would like to see it in first ? Ballroom or Throneroom.


abdul666 said...

The Ballroom would provide a nice opportunity to see your musicians..

Fitz-Badger said...

Either would be cool. :)
Do you have a throne and/or dancers?

tidders2 said...

I will do the ballroom first as I've finished the stage for the court musicians.

Dancers - not specifically in dancing poses, but have enough ladies and gentelmen in suitable poses to look about right.

I have a throne from a kiddies princess castle set which with a minor modification to raise the seat will be just about right. Currently working on a seated king and queen.

The Eureka 18C civilian sets are worth a look

100CIV13 Captive audience
100CIV14 More tea vicar?
100CIV15 Take your order sir?
100CIV16 Ooh you are awful...

I bought all four to get the tables, chairs and sitting figures.

-- Allan