Thursday 31 December 2009

40mm - Freikorps 'Chasseurs''

Things are really buzzing here,  enjoying my new modelling desk setup and having time over the Xmas break for some painting.  Inspired by Stokes's blow by blow account of painting his cuirassiers at the Duchy of Stollen , I've finished off the Chasseur battalion for my Freikorps.

The whole batallaion ...

A closeup of the command group ...

[Figs: 40mm Irregular Miniatures Friekorps running, the mounted officer is cast from a Creartec mould. There are a couple of conversions - a pioneer and the officer's heads changed to one with mirlitons]


  1. For some reason (probably because my daughter is a dancer and I've seen many, many dance recitals) these guys look like they are doing some sort of 18th Century line dance step. :^)


  2. Happy New Year's Eve Allan,

    They look lovely! I've been dreaming about some Pandours clothed in a very similarly colored uniform as you probably know already.

    Best Regards,


  3. ColCampbell - hee hee

    Nice colorful unit!

  4. The red/green/blue combination is very striking.

    Why do you keep tempting me with 40mm figures? Why am I so tempted?

    Have a great new year.

    -- Jeff