Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mortars and Wagons

I've slowly been working my way through the goodies I bought from Reiver Castings. I've got the pontoon bridge, pontoon wagon and a copule of guns to paint yet; but have finished the mortars and baggage wagons. I made removable loads for the wagons, so they can be used for raid scenarios where you start with empty wagons.

Two Reiver AP4 10 inch siege mortars

I modified the front of the wagon to provide a seat for the driver,
Driver Front Rank; Reiver AP16 Tumbrel wagon with four horses

Driver Front Rank; Reiver AP17 Baggage wagon with four horses


  1. Very nice, and full of potential uses: compliments!

    Then -I know they are 'unhistorical', but the Boritzy Freikorps at least wears imaginary uniforms- what about one or two cantinieres / vivandieres to add a touch of delicacy to your supply convoy?


  2. Morning Allan,

    Really neat things there that you've added to your collection. I just might have to get a couple of those baggage wagons to use with my pontoonier battalion. Reiver, you say?

    Best Regards,


  3. Will the Wittenberg Pharmacist Corps be armed with mortars and pestles?

  4. I always enjoy your pics and these "extras" that add character to your forces.

  5. Reich Duke Wilhelm has heard remarkable tales of Your Grace's new palace. He must add seeing it to his grand tour. Best regards, etc.,etc.,etc...