Saturday 4 April 2009

Grand Designs (5) - Palace Exterior

The King has just approved the architects drawings for the improvement of the main entrance of the palace,
I've kept my viewing 'balcony' model as part of the new palace diorama, adding a formal garden. Plenty of space for the King and his court to be posed outside. Below is a trial arrangement for the main entrance portico, using 5" plastic cake stands

I'll be constructing the diorama on a 6 foot by 9" shelf (recovered from an old model railroad shelf layout).
The internal rooms will be be built later, so far I have a short list:
- main entrance hall
- ballroom
- library
- gallery
- day room
and more as needed when the mood takes me.


  1. That's a splendid start - look forward to seeing how it develops. :-) Good luck with all the hard work on it...


  2. Wow! Grand designs or what! Kevin Macleod/channel 4 would be interested inthis!

  3. I'll echo the others. . . Wow! And even the early work looks striking, especially with the figure included for reference. I'll be interested to see how the library shapes up when you get to it.

    Best Regards,


  4. Excellent! I'm looking forward to watching this develop, too.! I like the idea of a "shelf" display. I made a small dwarven "throne room" with Hirstarts blocks for some of my dwarves several years ago, but it's only 12 inches x 9 inches or thereabouts.

  5. This also gives you a "display" area for your newly painted figures to impress and awe the family and friends!


  6. Nice idea using cake columns. Looking good.