Friday, 24 October 2008

1740 - Schnotwitz (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

further extracts from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

A skirmish game using 40mm figs...

'Battle Report'

General Waldebeck had spent some time carefully deploying his troops in and around Schnotwitz. The Jagers in the wood, with the militia deployed behind a stone wall. He positioned his Garrison company to block the road with the artillery to their front. The newly arrived Grenadiers were placed in reserve at the rear along with the Uhlans.

Forces: Militia - 2 companies, Garrison Regiment - 1 company, Grenadiers - 1 company, Uhlans - 1 company, Jagers - 1 company

Count Pottensdororf arrived in front of Schnotwitz and pondered his best means of attack to
disperse the Wittenberg troops, last time they had melted away at Verlendt, he didn't anticpate
any problems. Forces:Infantry Regiment - 5 companies (1 grenadier + 4 musketeer), dragoons - 1 company, Jagers - 1 company

The Saxe-Jarlsberg troops moved into position; their plan to clear the woods and bring thier
main weight against the militia.

While the grenadiers and jagers were trying to clear the woods the Dragoons charged down the
road - they suffered some casualties dispersing the artillery crew only to get a stiff volley
from the supporting infantry ..

The attack on the wood failed and the jagers and grenadiers pulled back. The officer of dragoons
reported to the count that he had seen some Uhlans to his flank and white-coated troops beyond
the garrison troops blocking the road.

Count Pottensdororf sized up the situation, white-coated troops sounded bad - that meant some Wittenberg forces had come in via Hausdorf. He didn't want to lose too many men trying to take the wood again - he decided to withdraw - he didn't want to be caught in a trap like the re-inforcements had been at Rottenhausen

General Waldebeck held back his forces from a pursuit, he was satisfied with having held off the
opposition. This would give time for the engineers to finish their work to enable more troops to get in via the gap in the hills at Hausdorf.

Count Pottensdororf set off back to Ottenheim, he needed to ensure General Sticknein new that Wittenberg troops were getting through the hills at Hasudorf. A larger force would be needed.


  1. Cool battle report and great pics!

  2. Hi Allan,

    Wow, those 40mm figures really photograph well! If I were to start all over again, I think it would be in 40mm too. Lovely work there!

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  3. Another nice battle report, Allan. And, as usual, the photos were lovely.

    -- Jeff

  4. Fantastic and inspirational- many thanks for providing us with such an exciting game!
    best wishes