Saturday, 4 October 2008

40mm - Grenadiers and Cavalry

I've finished off the units needed for my next skirmish game. Firstly a company of Saxe-Jarlsberg dragoons . .

[Figs: Irregular Miniatures austrian dragoons on horses cast from Creartec moulds]

for the Wittenberg army, the grenadier company of the Wittenland Fusilers,

[Figs: Officer & Grenadiers - cast from Creartec moulds; Standard Bearer and Drummer - Irregular Miniatures]

Again for Wittenberg a company of Uhlans from the Blue Pulk

[Figs: modified hussars cast from Creartec moulds]

An outline of the scenario for the next skirmish game in the 3rd Belgravian Wars - the Monrovians despatch Count Pottsendorf and his Saxe-Jarlsberg troops to disperse the Wittenberg troops at Verlendt commanded by General Waldebeck.


  1. I'm unfamiliar with the Creartec company. The only moulds that I know of are from Prince August.

    How do they compare in quality, cost, range, ease of use, etc.?

    -- Jeff

  2. 40mm looking good.

    Do you have skirmish games in mind or are these more 'for show'?

    I am also interested in the Creartec moulds...hmm perhaps a google needs doing.

  3. Creartec moulds are about twice the price of the Prince August ones. They are made out of a more flexible material. I needed to add some air vents for the horses. In use they are about the same as the Prince August ones. The range is limited to:

    Marching Grenadiers/Officers
    Artillery gun+crew

    The Creartec moulds range can be seen at:

    and follow the 40mm link.

    I got the moulds to increase the range of options I had to build units for my skirmish games - see the last one I fought with 40mm figs at

    -- Allan