Wednesday, 4 July 2007

1740 - Battle of Hummelsdorf (3rd Belgravian Wars) ...

[this is a preamble to a scenario for a rules test; more to follow ..]

An extract from the History of Wittenberg by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf ...

The Battle of Hummelsdorf - 1740

After a few months of small border skirmishes the King of Wittenberg decided to lead his forces into Monrovian territory to resolve things one way or another.

As the army of Wittenberg, mostly comprising the Boldovian Provincial Army Corp and some Guard troops, had just passed thorugh Hummelsdorf they found that the Monrovian army was to their left already in battle order.

King Leopold III, commanding the Wittenberg army, hastily organised his troops. The Monrovian army seeing the Wittenberg troops deploying started to attack.

An intense Monrovian attack on the Wittenberg centre developed into a fire-fight, neither side giving ground. Fierce Monrovian musket fire wore down some Wittenberg units - their centre started to give way. The king used his foot guards to shore up the collapsing centre.

Just in time the Wittenberg Wittenland Provincial Army Corp who had been marching in parallel to the main body of the army arrived having marched to the sound of the guns. Their arrival enabled the centre to just hold.

On the right flank a large Cavalry Melee developed; the charge of Wittenberg Guard cavalry decided the issue and the Monrovian left collapsed. However the bulk of the Wittenberg cavalry went off in pursuit of the defeated Monrovian Cavalry.

The fighting on the left flank was sporadic, an area of marsh and scrubland hampering movement for both sides.

As the light faded, both sides disengaged and sized up the situation. The Monrovians held their ground as they were tired and had very little cavalry remaining. The King of Wittenberg decided to withdraw back across the border as the bulk of his infantry was in no fit state to continue the campaign.

The army of Wittenberg withdrew down the Dorf valley, with the King commanding the rearguard.

After a lengthy delay, the Monrovian generals held a council of war and decided to pursue the Wittenberg army; sending a small force with instructions to follow the withdrawing troops and attack them if the situation was favourable.


  1. I wonder when the Wittenberg cavalry wing will return?

    Perhaps in time to hit the Monrovians in the rear . . .

    -- Jeff

  2. Can we expect a photographer to work in team with the battle reporter?

  3. Note: the next bit of the camapign did have a reporter present so piccies will be provided - see next entry

    -- Allan