Wednesday, 27 June 2007

King Honours Scholar ..

Today at a special ceremony in the palace, King Leopold IV of Wittenberg conferred the Order of the Golden Quill on Brother James of Wittendorf for his recent publication - Who's Who (Europa Edition).

The King was heard to remark to Brother James ... 'one especially enjoyed reading about those fellows with the strange headgear and those who ate gold herrings - most amusing'

The ceremony was followed by a banquet, at which Brother James had a little bit too much sherry and was heard telling Count Hermann of Munster - 'the hobbles of Wigglestein have pineapples for breakfast - not a lot of people know that ..'

[extract from the Wittenberg Times]


  1. Was he perchance drinking Stagonian sherry?

    -- Jeff

  2. Congratulations to you Brother James on your well deserved honour! We at Fiskby abbey look forward to the next 2nd edition.
    Fraternal greetings
    The abbots of Fiskby