Saturday, 21 April 2007

Wittenberg - Forces in Motion

To: His august majesty Leopold IV

The Guard corps has been instructed to mobilise and carry out manouvres. I have instructed the army corps of each province to come into a state of readiness. The Boldovian army corps is to fully mobilise.

To provide the corps of observation for Upper Belgravia elements of the Boldovian army corps will be used, namely:

Chevaux-Leger Cavalry Regiment
Converged Grenadier Battalion
Jager Battalion

These will proceed to Heidelheim in Upper Belgravia as soon as they are ready. If further cavalry is needed for patrol duty then a regiment of Uhlans can me made available.


Field Marshall, Duke Frederick of Wittenbuffel


  1. My Dear Herr Field Marshall,

    The generals of Stollen are watching your mobilization with a cautious eye. We trust that friendly occupation of Stollen is not in your long-term plans given the unprepared nature of our army and the realtively insignificant status of our own Grand Duchy.

    With Sincerest Regards,

    Heinrich-Schatzi von Pelznikkel
    Ministry of War, Grand Duchy of Stollen

  2. We are hoping to see a bit of a parade as the corps of observation leaves for its task.

    (In other words, please post some pictures.)

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

  3. To His Royal Highness King Leopold IV of Wittenburg, through His Grace the Duke of Wittenbuffel.

    Field Marshall Frederick,
    His Excellency Duke Augustus and his General Staff send their greetings. The Duchy of Saxe-Huack would like to send an military attache to your camp HQ to observe The Guard's manouvres.

    Romulus Paul von Vorbeck, Major
    Royal General Staff