Wednesday 22 November 2023

SYW French - The Duchy of Noverre...

The Duchy of Noverre, has had a presence in my Imagi-Nations for a few years as an ally of Monrovia.  This currently is a couple of regiments - both SYW French.

I thought it would be nice to expand the Duchy's forces into to a small army. Rummaging in boxes for little used stuff has located almost three regiments that can be re-used with some minor changes and new flags. I'll also be adding some artillery and cavalry (the cavalry will probably be some of my generic SYW cavalry).

The current infantry regiments Lorraine and Montmorin

currently mustering are regiments Rouergue, Royal Rousillon and O'Clare
a few holes to fill on these three regiments (drummers & some officers), the I'll finish the bases.

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Tiberian general said...

Wonderful looking battalions Allan, thanks for sharing.