Tuesday 18 April 2023

Lower Rutenia - Campaign Map Movements (1)...


Begovia (defending Lower Rutenia). RED

  • The main body of the Begovian army is in position near the Upper Rutenian border town of Ponzankz; regrouping after a failed attempt to take the town.
  • They have garrisons at  Nanankz, Hardoli, Skantanz, Fardok and Pavenik. Also a large outpost at Duzuli on the road from Darkur to Fardok.
  • The commander at Skantanz notified of the presence of an approaching Wittenberg troops had taken the bulk of the garrison out to intercept them. The Begovians were severely beaten at Sprengenhof and the remnants fell back to Skantanz.

Wittenberg (invading Lower Rutenia) GREEN

  • Count Boritzy's column had crossed into hostile territory at Tantozi. 
  • At Springenhof Count Boritzy's column beat the Begovians and advanced to take Skantanz.
  • The day after Count Boritzy's column crossed the border, General Waldebeck led the main column to attack the Begovian outpost at Duzuli.
Upper Rutenia  ORANGE
  • Their troops are concentrated around the border town of Ponzankz; they have repulsed a Begovian attempt to take the town.

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