Thursday, 2 June 2022

Refurbishing some rough ground scenic pieces....

 After using some rough ground scenic pieces for a recent game,  I noticed before putting them away that some of them look rather tired - somewhat faded (too many little feet running over them in the past few years..)

So a little refurb and improvement needed, initially gave them a refresh of the bare ground areas and then added some new static grass and some other mixed scatter.
One finished and looking better..
I have some Woodland Scenics water product left, perhaps a little pool of water on a couple of the pieces would look good..
After that I found some spare grass tufts, on they went; finished ...
I like this one the most ....
The sections mixed with my pond and small marsh sections on part of a game mat - a nice bit of moorland...


  1. excellent 'punch up' of terrain, re-using old materials with new skills and vision BRAVO!

  2. A very worthy project , they look a lot better now .