Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Making the large chamber for Under Wittenberg....

I needed a large chamber for the Under Wittenberg game. I decided to use a box folder and make it as adaptable as possible.

I removed one side of the box folder to make photography easier during games. I cut some coffee stirrers to size and fixed them near the corners to provide a groove at each end to fit swappable wall effect pieces.

The cardboard inserts for the wall sides cut, covered in stone paper and checked for a good fit

Onto flooring - some pavement effect paper sheet, cut to fit (future option of swap out floor piece)

Flooring paper stuck down and wall inserts in position - rather empty, perhaps a bit larger than was needed. I can add internal walls for a later game, along with different wall pieces.

A little bit of dressing to check on how pictures would look..

In use as part of the Under Wittenberg game....
the two doorways and the bell came from a free sprue with a Warhammer Age of Sigmar magazine  that I spotted in a newsagent (not my usual purchase to read, but the free sprue had some really useful bits on it).


  1. Love it! Presumably one could do something similar for an underground dungeon for FRPG's.

    Best Regards,


  2. What an adventure and brilliant modeling as always ! .

  3. Having the walls & floor removable is a clever idea as is the whole box idea, I've done this kind of thing myself using shoebox's with having the front wall fold down for easy of pictures, & it's great to see how others are doing something slimier.

    I really enjoyed this little adventure & hope there will be more :)

  4. Nice look "behind the scenes" as it were. I also like to see how people do things like this.

  5. Great work. Reminds me of the round biscuit tin arenas for gladiator combat in the seventies. Model railway folk make great layouts in boxfiles and you can buy ones read to print with scenery that folds down into the box too. Much food for thought here. I made this
    Some time ago...