Saturday, 15 August 2020

Begovian Cavalry and work in progress on the Wittenberg General Staff

Last week I finished reworking some units of my Begovian (Ottoman) cavalry. I cast some extra figures and equipped them with lance and mixed them with my existing ones with sword and bow. The aim was to have a more animated look.

Also in progress using some of my new 18C cavalry castings is an uplift for my 40mm Wittenberg Staff,  some have new heads either from Front Rank or Sash & Saber with some green stuff work.


  1. Cool group of villains there Tidders. I wonder what the collective term for a group of Begovians Generals is? It has to be something more interesting that just "A General Staff"?

  2. I really like those commanders - great work!

  3. Lovely work as usual! The commanders are particularly well done.